Brexit and ETIAS’s Impact on UK Citizens

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On January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom left the European Union. Before the end of 2020, an 11-month transition period occurred when Brexit took place. The UK and the European Union began a new relationship on January 1, 2021. This article will describe the EU-UK Economic and Cooperation Agreement's essential sections and what they represent for UK people traveling to Europe. On December 24, 2020, the EU-UK Trade Agreement was signed, and it went into force on May 1, 2021. This agreement lays out the terms of the UK-EU partnership after Brexit, including ETIAS short-term travel. The liberties of British nationals working and living in EU nations are also discussed. In addition, the UK has established financial deals with several non-European countries and a trade treaty with the EU.

Trips to Europe for Leisure and business

Citizens have been able to freely migrate around Europe since 1973, once the UK joined the EU (then referred to as the European Economic Area). Since the Brexit transition period has ended, this is no longer the case.

Travelers from the European Union can still travel to the UK for short excursions. They must, however, obtain access to enter Europe. This is explained in detail in Article VSTV.1:

“…under their own rules, both sides offer visa-free entry to short-term visits for their nationals.”

This enables the United Kingdom and the European Union inhabitants to travel for education, study, employment, leisure, and student exchange programs. Driving, healthcare, and cell roaming fees rules have all been modified. Other nationalities will need to register for Schengen visas, but UK citizens will not.

ETIAS for the United Kingdom

While British nationals do not require a visa to enter Europe, starting in 2025, they will need an ETIAS visa waiver. ETIAS is being developed to register non-EU visa-exempt nations. According to the EU Commission, British travelers will have to obtain an ETIAS to enter Europe.

ETIAS is far more convenient than a visa. You can complete the registration process entirely online without traveling to any embassies or consulates. ETIAS will be implemented across the EU to improve security. Visitors will be vetted before arrival, preventing potentially hazardous persons from entering the border illegally.

Like all ETIAS applicants, British passport holders must pay a nominal charge to cover the system’s operating costs. The EU’s ETIAS surplus money might be contributed to the EU’s overall budget. As a result, even after Brexit, it is conceivable that UK travelers will continue to contribute to the EU budget.

The duration of stay with ETIAS

Holders of UK passports, like other visa-free third-country nationals, can remain in Schengen Area for 90 days. An ETIAS authorization that the destination country has approved is valid for three years or until the passport is not valid anymore. Travelers from the United Kingdom will no longer be required to apply each time they visit Europe. This does not apply those who have the European Citizenship or European golden visa.

Brexit and ETIAS are unrelated. If the United Kingdom didn’t leave the EU, travel authorization would still have been required. Brexit has had no impact on ETIAS visa waiver.

Visiting the UK from the European Union

The UK will soon offer the UK ETA a visa waiver program. European Union residents will not require a visa for brief holidays or business visits. They will, however, require a digital travel permit, similar to what the EU needs for British citizens and residents of other visa-free travel countries.

According to the British government, the United Kingdom’s visa waiver will be implemented by 2025. Once the updated system is in place, the ETA will be a necessary entry criterion. Like ETIAS, the UK ETA will be an online program. Visitors must apply online before visiting the United Kingdom.

In 2021, the number of visitors refused entry at the UK border rose. By pre-screening visa-free passengers, the UK visa waiver should help to lower this number.

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