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Our website provides all British nationals with updated information on ETIAS. Most vacationers’ key concerns are addressed in these FAQs. When going to Schengen nations, we encourage the British to follow the requirements outlined.

The ETIAS will change the way people travel to Europe. As a result, we established this user-friendly website to inform and assist potential travelers in their planning. This website contains information on requirements for ETIAS, a registration form, and our independent activities from the EU and its agencies and institutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning in 2023, British citizens will be required to complete an ETIAS application form to visit the Schengen area. ETIAS will make it possible for the British to visit Europe for various purposes (tourism, commerce, health, etc.).

The ETIAS will be mandatory in 2023, following a six-month transition period beginning at the end of 2023.

Citizens of Great Britain who have obtained an ETIAS will be permitted to visit a Schengen nation for 90 days. The ETIAS has a three-year validity period linked to the traveler’s passport. If it expires, you should reapply for ETIAS.

No. Because the ETIAS is not a work visa, British residents will be unable to work in Europe. To work full-time in Europe, one needs to register for a work visa. Starting work in Europe using ETIAS would be illegal. Your approved application will be canceled in this event, and you may be prevented from visiting Europe.

No, it is not possible to use an ETIAS application to study in Europe. Students from the Great Britain who wish to learn in Europe must obtain either a nationality visa or the suitable study visa. It is important to remember that it depends on the local conditions and the length of the course.

It is easier to obtain an approved ETIAS than the American visa waiver (ESTA). Having a criminal background does not automatically bar you from entering Europe. Criminally convicted British Citizens are only denied entry if they pose a demonstrable threat to European nationals.