Privacy Policy

Information on the Website’s legal status


We (hence the “Company,” “We,” “US,” and related terms) strictly adhere to the rules governing the confidentiality of personal data.

Users of this Website (referred to as “the User,” “the Customer,” and together as “you,” “your”) will find current and updated information to assist them in understanding what we do.

Users should be aware that the Webpage’s Privacy Policy may change to meet new regulatory obligations or business demands, reviewing it periodically. You need to be at least the age of 18 in your country of origin or residence to use our Website.

Without affecting your rights, the Privacy Policy doesn’t constitute or form the basis of our contract.

What does personal data mean?

Your personal information is kept confidential. Full name, addresses, emails, and contact and IP addresses are all contact information examples.

What are the steps in implementing the privacy policy?

The Privacy Policy regulates how we collect, use, and personal process data from our Website and visitors. There could be links to other websites on our Website. We have no control over third-party websites. We can’t be held responsible for their information, delivery, functionality, or privacy policies.

What type of personal data do we collect?

We collect private data in the following ways:

  • Direct interaction methods, such as an online travel authorization registration or a contact form. Customer support can also be reached via website chat, indicated email, or a phone number.
  • Automated data includes IP addresses, popular regions, and time on the site. See our cookie policy for more details on how cookies work and disable them.

You are only required to provide necessary personal information to fulfill the specified objectives. Consequently, if you give us more data than we need, you immediately consent to it being processed for its given reason.

Customers must provide authentic, accurate, and complete personal information to register for an ETIAS and keep their data or support requests.

We will not be held responsible for occurrences beyond our authority, such as providing erroneous, incomplete, or false information.

Assuming you offer us third-party personal data, whether kids or adults, you have received their permission and informed them.

You may be asked to provide information if you are the legal guardian or a minor parent. Please assume that the corporation has gotten personal information about an Entity from someone who hasn’t granted us authorization to contact them.

In this scenario, the company must notify the data collection. If we ask the person who gave personal information to approve the subject’s consent, the details subject may have had a moral objection to the company’s analysis of personal data.

We will not provide the service, and the e-travel authorization application will be canceled. A company gets information or personal details about a child from an individual who isn’t his legal guardian or a parent. It will take all necessary actions to resolve the problem, including canceling the application.

Why do we require your personal information?

We gather your information for several reasons:

  • We offer expert assistance when you register for an e-Travel Authorization.
  • We’ll cross-check that you completed the application correctly and provided all essential documents by the government laws. If any data or paperwork is missing or incomplete, we will notify you.
  • To correctly manage your application in the event of objections or problems regarding our professional services or to finalize your refund and withdrawal requests, we will inform you if the government requires additional personal information/documentation.
  • To enhance the customer experience, to improve the service;
  • To comply with legal responsibilities, to fulfill the criteria of the law or relevant authorities;
  • To adhere to the following duties, to comply with the requirements of the authorities or relevant agencies;
  • To improve site navigation, personal details are used to conduct periodic checks on the Website for unauthorized, fraudulent, or illegal behavior.

What legal basis does the collection of personal information have?

We will only gather your information in case we have a legitimate justification to do so. Our legal foundation is as follows:

  • To perform an agreement with you, which includes validating and sending your digital travel authorization form to the government, alerting the authorities of the final decision on your application status, and responding to your data requests to the Customer Service Team.
  • Your agreement to have your data processed.
  • To fulfill the requirements of governmental, judiciary, law, or other relevant authorities.
  • Our interests involve (I) credit or a debit card, which you will use to cover the application fee, (ii) addressing potential service complaints, (iii) enhancing the customer experience of this Webpage and its effective functioning, (iv) enhancing our expert Services Quality, and (v) tracking potential fraud to ensure the security and integrity of our Website.

When will your details be deleted?

Your data will be processed for as long as required for the reasons it was acquired. Your information will, after that, be blocked and stored for the period specified. For instance, we’ll retain it for as long as it’s required to:

  • Complete the examination of identified fraudulent or illegal acts;
  • Save cookies if you do not revoke your consent, etc.
  • Comply with our legal requirements or deal with potential claims relating to the professionals we provide

We shall securely destroy your information from our data systems after the storage time has expired. Furthermore, if you agree to process your data for specific reasons, you may withdraw your agreement. When we receive your withdrawal request, we will destroy your information.

To whom do we provide personal information?

Your details will be processed, analyzed, or transferred in the following circumstances:

  • ETIAS applications are approved or rejected by the government of the country you desire to visit.
  • Our payment systems, which cover the application fees, also monitor fraud. If you submit a charge complaint with the bank, card issuers will also look into it.
  • Please observe all relevant regulations and laws, also our legal responsibilities when demanded by governmental, legal, or police authorities.
  • Our data sources are managed by technology providers, who give tools and technical assistance.
  • To protect our best interest in disputes involving professional services rendered.

Your data privacy and safety and your rights and freedoms are protected by existing protection of personal data rules and regulations.

The headquarters of the abovementioned third parties may be located outside of the European Economic Area. As a consequence, personal information may be shared across borders.

In this case, we will only send personal information to receivers in countries with a high level of personal data protection to evaluate European countries’ data security regulations and laws.

What measurements do we take secure information?

Your information is kept safe by our information systems. We’ve put in place suitable technical and organizational precautions to keep your data safe and secure and prevent it from inappropriate or unlawful processing and data leakage, loss, or damage.

Likewise, we’ve made reasonable efforts to ensure that all of our workers, contractors, or collaborators who have access to data have received adequate training or information about managing our customers’ data. Or the clients with whom they have a contact for the purposes stated.

While we make every effort to protect your private details while communicating with us via our Website or other means, including contact email or telephone number, you must also save your personal information.

To save data, you must not provide or validate bank details through fraudulent emails or websites.

What legal rights do you have?

You can use your legal rights to see, delete, rectify, and limit the processing, object, the use of your data by sending us a written request by email or our contact form.

We will reply to your requests for data security concerns within a month, but, in exceptional circumstances, the period could be extended. If there is a postponement, we will notify you of the cause for the delay.

You have the right to complain to the appropriate supervisory body when you think it is necessary. For example, your data security rights have not been fully respected.

Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns or questions about our policy or managing your personal information.