ETIAS Application Exceptions for UK Citizens

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ETIAS Center
Citizens of countries that currently enjoy visa-free travel to Europe will be required to apply for and acquire ETIAS permission before starting any European travel in 2023. The European Union maintains a list of approximately sixty countries outside the European Union and Schengen Area currently visa-free in Europe. These nations are now considered "third countries," and people from these countries will need an ETIAS to travel to Europe for any reason or length of time starting in 2023.

ETIAS Regulation Exceptions

A valid passport with a validity period of three months after the end date of the anticipated stay in Europe is a must when registering for an ETIAS. There are exceptions and specific circumstances, as with other restrictions, when it may be permissible to visit, transit through, or stay in the European Union or Schengen Area without having an ETIAS-certified passport.

There are three scenarios in which a third-country national may be required (or forced) to visit Europe without an ETIAS-approved passport. When you’re using:

  • Emergency Passport
  • Diplomat Passport
  • Identity Card for Seafarers

Alternate Forms of Documentation

Emergency Passports

An individual whose previous ETIAS authorized passport has been taken, lost, or wrecked beyond use may be issued an emergency passport. In such cases, obtaining a new authorized passport while traveling would be nearly impossible, and a temporary or emergency passport would be the only feasible option.

A temporary passport is only intended to cover an emergency scenario. A temporary passport has a limited validity period and is unlikely to have the required electronic chip. Depending on the issuing nation, it is usually only valid for three months or less. It is not possible to be used for an ETIAS registration and should be replaced as soon as possible with a genuine passport.

Diplomatic Passport

Diplomats have unique travel benefits, such as fewer immigration restrictions. Diplomats from foreign nations do not need an ETIAS-approved passport when traveling for business, according to ETIAS standards. This exemption does not apply to personal non-official visits to the EU or Schengen Area, and ETIAS authorization is necessary, which is the norm with all third-country passports.

Seaman’s Card

Because of the unique circumstances of working at sea, the International Labour Organization voted in 1958 to offer seafarers the privilege of temporary entry into the EU and Schengen Zone for work, shore leave, shopping, switching ships, or medical treatment. Sometimes, a Seaman’s Card or Seaman’s Book this document is given to boat crew members and seamen. However, many European nations will accept a valid passport and a Seaman’s Card without ETIAS clearance. This is not the same for every European Union state or Schengen Zone member, so verify each country’s policy first. While it looks that seafarers with a legitimate passport will not need ETIAS permission, this has yet to be confirmed.

A Seafarer’s option will not apply to most travelers to Europe. A lost, stolen, or damaged passport is the most likely scenario where a tourist will wind up in Europe without the essential ETIAS clearance. If this occurs, it is critical to begin obtaining a temporary passport as soon as possible.

Why ETIAS is important?

Visa waivers are a form of international travel authorization that means that the traveler does not require a visa to enter the country. It is important for countries to have visa waiver programs because it allows them to attract more people and increase tourism.

Visa waiver programs allow travelers from different countries to enter and exit the countries without having to apply for a visa before they leave or arrive in their destination country. However, some countries only offer visa waiver programs for certain types of travelers, such as tourists.

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ETIAS Center
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ETIAS Center
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